Yasemin Greenscapes FAQ

Yes, you can book a one-time seasonal cleanup, but we highly recommend booking ahead of time or having an existing contract with us. When it’s a busy season, we always prioritize our contract clients, so you may have to wait a while until we have an opening in our schedule.

No, we can skip a maintenance visit at no charge and come back the following week or on the next scheduled visit. You will only be charged for the hours worked.

No, we skip a mowing or two during mid-summer when the lawns are dormant. We recommend booking an annual lawn mowing package so we can adjust the frequency of our visits according to the season. During the growing seasons in Spring and Fall, your lawn will need a cut every 7, 10 or 14 days, and less often during the dormant season.

The minimum is 2 hours per visit for one employee. The visit duration usually depends on the size of your garden and your budget. We can work within a small budget, but we cannot perform miracles!

Yard waste is usually disposed of in your trimmings bin supplied by the City of Vancouver, but it can be removed from the jobsite for an additional fee. We usually recommend getting a large trimmings bin from the City and any excess debris is disposed of in biodegradable paper bags left on-site. Once your bin is empty, you can simply throw in the paper bag and save money on yard waste disposal!

For our regular maintenance services, we only use manual and battery-powered equipment that are much quieter than the common gas-powered mower, blower, trimmer, weed-eater, etc. For some bigger projects, quality comes first, and unfortunately heavy equipment is necessary to accomplish certain tasks. Therefore, we only rent heavy gasoline-powered equipment on an as-needed basis.

Yes! We use a Might-e Truck manufactured by Canadian Electric Vehicles (based in Nanaimo) and Ford F-150 Lightning trucks.

Yes we do, unless it’s a heavy downpour, then you might see us hiding under a tree! Working in heavy rain can be inefficient because we have to spend more time cleaning off the mud and soil from the job site, so most clients prefer that we postpone our visit.

Winters in Vancouver are very mild so we can work year-round. When it does snow, we provide snow removal services and winter storm cleanups.

If you’re on a contract, you’ll receive an invoice around the 15th of each month.